Saturday, April 4, 2015

New 50% Off 2016 Vonage business solutions and get free VOIP phones worth $600.Vonage business solutions is for everyone !!

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Why do you want to switch to Vonage Business Solutions from your existing carrier?

Vonage Business Solutions are different they utilize the internet and deliver a state of art robust cloud-hosted business VoIP internet phone system, which enables small to medium sized businesses to do more calling and better serve customers with high call quality.

Vonage Business VoIP Lines

(Cloud based and hosted PBX)

Traditional Copperwire lines

(On-premise PBX)
No PBX equipment
Cost of Ownership
Purchased PBX equipment + maintenance contract
Monitored 24/7 by service provider
Security / Safety
Customer assumes risk
Automatic updates (virtual)
Features / Updates
Added at each customer location
Web-based user portal
System Management
On location by appointment
Multiple calls per extension
Call Capacity
Limited to number of shared lines
Dependent on in-house network and platform
Dependent on physical hardware
Quick and simple
Complex and time intensive

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