Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 $50 June credit Dish Network Coupon Code and Promo discount Gift certificate Plus Free Ipad 2

Updated June 21 ,2014 , Dish Network offers the best channels and they have lots of packages and promotions to choose from at an affordable price. When you sign up for dish network use the below dish network coupon code and Promo code certificates to get $50 off first month bill .

Available Dish Coupons [Remember all these coupons are one time use only gift certificate Dish promotions so if any of them doesn't work use the next one, but as of today all are ready to use]

Dish $50 gift certificate code - 
Use coupon code VCD0010991214 or VCD0010991206 and save $50 first month bill .Coupon code expires December 2014 .

These are one time use only gift certificates
Unused Dish $50 gift certificate code - VCD0010991214
Unused Dish $50 gift certificate code - VCD001099120



You will also get a free iPad Mini when you sign up using these dish gift certificates and coupon codes.

How to use these Dish network Coupons /$50 Dish Gift certificates

1. Sign up by calling Dish Network at (888) 920-4438 or visit to order DISH. Expires on 12/31/2014.
2. Enter any of the below Gift certificates in
3.Remember these certificates are one time user by one customer so if someone used it will not work. That's why I have put lots of certificates to choose from


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