Friday, January 17, 2014

Watch Tamil Telugu Channels Indian channels FREE on Roku and online instructions + Promo discount code offer tamil channel on roku

(updated 01/10/2016) To watch Tamil Telugu live TV on roku , the best place is they offer free Tamil , Telugu , Hindi, Malayalam Video on demand movies to watch online.They have movies that were released last week to movies that were released 50 years ago.Also the links can be added directly, check out below.

They have around 6000 movies in Tamil VOD. They have several packages starting at $4.99 per month.Currently is offering free VOD (Video on demand). This is a promotion  Click Here  to get that promotion.
We have listed all the current promotions

They are offering Video on demand for free using this promotional  link Just  Click Here and you can set up your roku and watch tamil, telugu, hindi , marathi movies for free on roku.

If you subscribe there prices start from $4.99 only
All New Tamil movies with 5000+ collection:  Cost : FREE on Roku

Best thing is you can enjoy all new tamil movies of 2015 plus all 5000+ plus tamil movies free on Roku without any subscription. Yes its free

Get holiday deal on Roku by clicking here


1. Signup using this link

2. Just give basic information no credit card required

3. If you want you sign up for basic package

To link to Roku [ First sign up using promotional link using this link]

Step-by-step Guide to link watchsuntv to Roku 

NOTE: This will not work unless you first sign up [Click Here]

  1. Visit this link (sign in to your Roku account if requested), you will see the channel logo, then click on “Yes, add channel” below the logo.If for some reason you don’t see the channel logo automatically after following the first step, you will have to manually do the procedure.  Visit (sign in if requested) then click on “Add a private channel” under Manage Account and enter this code “watchsuntv” into the box then click on “Yes, add channel”.
  2. Now go to your home screen on your Roku unit, the channel should appear, if for some reason it does not appear scroll over to channel store and it will be on the first row.
  3. Select the WatchSunTv channel and then select “Activate your Roku Box”, a registration code will appear on the following screen.
  4. Now visit and if asked sign in with your account credentials and then enter the registration code in all CAPS.
  5. Your Roku unit is now linked to your account, you can now go to your Roku home screen and enter the channel and stream content directly.

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